What We Do

Navisyo is dedicated to connecting boat owners with new world travelers by offering affordable and authentic Floatel stays, Voyages and Events on the water, through an innovative online open source booking platform.

The Navisyo concept was partly inspired by both ‘Airbnb’ and ‘BlaBlaCar', two of the world’s leading disruptive innovators, in the people-to-people marketplace, also known as a two-sided platform.

However, Navisyo clearly distinguishes itself, from all others, by approaching this marketplace with a unique appeal to our sense of humanity and altruism - by engaging the masses and sharing a part of our company revenues with our open source community, thus allowing each of our members a chance to be part of an exciting and prosperous future!

Our vision to unite, share and prosper together in making boating affordable and accessible to one and all is grand and with this comes a great responsibility for transparency, authenticity, integrity and humility.

How It Works

Three distinguishable boat offers are available to the new world traveler via our Navisyo online marketplace:



Experience a unique onboard accommodation (entire boat or cabin) with or without the boat owners on board.



Share an authentic overnight cruises, with our passionate boat owners. Additionally, daytime experiences on the water are available.



Book a space on a boat, to celebrate private or corporate events, as a fun alternative to standard venues.


Adventures on the Water With Our Passionate Boat Owners

Experiencing an adventure at sea, an overnight stay on a private boat or navigating the rivers of Europe has been an inaccessible dream for the average income traveler - private yachts are expensive and generic ‘boat-sharing’ charters require a certain number of passengers and are extremely impersonal.

Thousands of boaters or “cruisers” are sailing the waters of the world right now and millions of other boats are simply docked at a marina, unused most of the year and costing their owners money.

Most of these boat owners are not business savvy and are painfully struggling on their “sailing kitty”, with little opportunity to turn their costly lifestyles into a sustainable income.

This is where Navisyo steps in…

Now, boat owners can offset the high costs involved in owning a boat by simply sharing their ‘homes’ with new world travelers.

Many ‘live-aboard’ sailors would be thrilled for these travelers to join them on certain ‘legs’ of their journey or to rent out available spaces on their boats for overnight stays and special events.

It’s a win win!

Individuals, from all walks of life, can now experience authentic and budget-friendly boat offers all whilst earning a lifetime passive income too - through our unprecedented Ambassador program!

Navisyo makes it simple and highly secure to book these unique escapes. Travelers can sign up for free and search our boating community offers based on specified criteria such as the type of boat, preferred location and budget.

Travelers can contact the boat hosts directly for questions, recommendations or special requests. All booking options and details are similar to other online booking platforms and all boat host identities and offers are verified physically “on-site” before they can be featured on the Navisyo platform.

Navisyo is not a faceless, online brokerage platform but fully intends to redefine the world of travel, by harnessing the power of human connections and real-life experiences within a community, unlike any other!

Welcome to the new world of Navisyo!