Ambassador Rewards Program

Today with the explosion of social media, an average person has over 5,000 social network connections - which represents an incredible marketing opportunity for the Navisyo community, as each one of these individuals have a lot more power than they may think.

Our Ambassador Rewards Program is the first of its kind within the online travel community. It is the ‘real deal’ - there is no financial commitment and no hidden qualifying criteria and/or quotas to be reached.

The Ambassador level is an 'open to all' invitation.

Starting Autumn 2022, absolutely everyone, from all walks of life can sign up for free and receive private access to a back office where they will find promotional management tool kits, as well as their own unique ‘referral link’ - to effortlessly share the concept and encourage other travelers to sign up for free too.

What’s in it for the referred traveler?

The ‘referred traveler’ who books via an Ambassador’s link will automatically receive a ‘discount voucher’ which will be deducted from his/her first online booking - this provides the Ambassador with an “edge” and offers the new Navisyo member a quantifiable benefit too.

Whether you are a retired individual, a mom wishing to recommend Navisyo to her family and friends or an experienced online entrepreneur who sees the potential of creating real lifetime passive income - we cordially invite you all to join us in our success by simply sharing the concept!

How Does It Work?

Step OneSign up for free
Step TwoStart sharing your Ambassador’s unique referral link on social media
Step ThreeOffer your Promo Code to all of your referrals in order for them to obtain a discount voucher on their first bookings!
Step FourYou will be notified once your referral registers on our site and uses your Promo Code. All future bookings made by these new members will earn you a 1% commission on the total amount of their bookings - for a lifetime and with a Transferable Account!
Step FiveProvide your bank details and receive all your commissions directly into your bank account.

Facts and Benefits of Joining

Our Rewards Program is entirely run by automated software integrated into Navisyo’s Marketplace

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Free registration open to everyone

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Accounts transferable at any time

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No qualifying criteria/quotas to be reached

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No financial investment needed

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Lifetime passive income opportunity

Referral Link

Navisyo Ambassadors can promote their unique referral links in numerous ways:

Via their own promotional websites, email campaigns, YouTube channels, social media posts, blogs, Vlogs, WhatsApp, text messages, etc.*

*Ambassadors must comply with all applicable local laws as well as Navisyo’s Terms and Conditions and Code of Ethics.

Kick start your passive lifetime income earnings!

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