Rent a Boat and Discover Spain Coastlines, Mallorca and the Balearic islands

Top Destinations – Rent a Boat and Discover Spain Coastlines

Affordable boat rental in Spain

From accessing the most beautiful pristine calas, to finding undisturbed stretches of white sandy beach or swimming in crystal clear azure waters, nothing beats discovering a destination on the back of a boat. But people often think that boat rental can be costly and is in the realm of the Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s of this world, but this does not have to be the case. Yacht rental can be affordable and does not have to require previous knowledge of sailing or a boat licence as the boats can come supplied with a Captain, or the possibility of a staycation in the marina. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy a boating experience fit for a king.

Where are the most beautiful places to rent a boat near me?


The Balearics

The Balearics Islands have long been known for being blessed with some of the most beautiful coastlines in the whole of the Mediterranean. From the stunning marina of Palma de Mallorca and the dramatic cliffs of west Mallorca, to the magical beauty of the white isle of Ibiza, to the calm rolling countryside of Menorca and the beach club spirit of Formentera, there is something for absolutely everyone when renting a yacht. Set sail from one of the many marinas dotted around the islands and prepare to have your mind blown. Here we pick our top destinations to reach by yacht, of the Azure islands.

Es Trenc, Mallorca

Often referred to as the Caribbean beach, Es Trenc is one of the most stunning beaches in Mallorca. It’s vanilla sands and turquoise blue waters are something to behold. And if the crowds that can line the dunes aren’t your thing then what better way to enjoy these crystalline waters than from the top deck of a sailing yacht.

Cala de Trebalúger, Menorca

One of the least frequented beaches in Menorca, these virgin sands cannot be accessed by road so the only way to enjoy their peace and calm all year round is by hiring a boat. Be sure to pack a picnic for an indulgent lunch, then enjoy a restful afternoon as you swim off the back of the boat to sunbathe on the cliff protected beach.

Ibiza Marina, Ibiza

When you have had your fill of beaches and sun, head back to the stunning marina, home of the famous club Neo and the playground of the rich and famous. Step glamorously off of the back of your rental boat and rub shoulders with A listers from the world over. Never has experiencing this world by renting a yacht been more affordable and more fun.

Ses Salines National Park, Formentera

Though it is prohibited to anchor here due to the protected sea grass and its thriving marine habitat, there are a number of buoys that can be booked and hooked up to, so that you can spend a lazy day out on the water on the back of your boat. When the sun has gone down, call up uber hip club Beso (a kiss) Bar and prepare to dance the night away under the stars, before heading back to your boat.


With almost 1000 kilometres of coastline, there is no better way to discover everything this wonderful region of Galicia has to offer than by renting a boat and setting off. From the magic of the crystal beach where time and man have worn down glass to form pebbles that glint in the sunlight, to the majesty of the dunes and pine forest lined Morouzos beach, everyone falls in love with Coruna when viewed from the privacy of their own boat. Whilst the waters are not so temperate here, the fabulous marine life and abundance of fish will keep every sailor transfixed.


The ancient city of Cadiz between the Atlantic and Mediterranean is a sight to behold with it baroque cathedral towering over the waterfront. It is also the perfect place to rent a boat for a day and set off on a voyage of discovery. Only a short sail over to Ceuta and you will be in the Spanish enclave in Africa. Or perhaps a sail along the coast to Portugal, with everything she has to offer. The waters are exciting and challenging and the coastline and opportunities are equally as dramatic.


Charter a yacht in Barcelona and the whole of the Costa Brava’s stunning calas and beaches are at your fingertips. If diving is your passion, then the deep waters and fine sand of Cala del Maset is the perfect place to anchor and roll back off your boat to discover a world of marine life below the waves. For a more decadent time, moor off El Pirata Club in Roses and enjoy their special champagne and lobster days. If you call ahead, they will send out a rib to bring you from your private yacht to the club in style. With over 200 kilometres of coastline, you are sure to find the perfect place to pick up a buoy or drop anchor and make the most of your rental yacht.


Rent a boat with a jet ski
Types of boat available for rental at affordable prices



Hiring a sailboat is the perfect way to step back into the romantic days of old. As our boats come with a captain or the experienced owner there is no need to know your half hitch from your bowline. Experience the magic of the sea as the wind whisks you off on your next adventure. Maybe throw a line off the stern and get ready to catch that evening’s dinner or watch in amazement as a pod of dolphins plays off the bow.


Slightly more spacious than a traditional sailboat due to its second hull, a catamaran is the perfect sailboat for a large group of family or friends. Enjoy a bbq on deck as the sun goes down and get ready to toast that day’s excitement with a well earned gin and tonic. If we know anything at all, we know you will be talking about your catamaran experience for years to come.


It’s impossible to deny the images that are conjured up when we think of motorboats. Think St Tropez and Monaco, rubbing shoulders with the great and good. Renting one of our motorboats can make that dream a reality but without the costly price tag. Scorching days of sunshine and swimming followed by decadent nights of cava and paella await just around the corner.


Easy to drive and so low in the water that even the shallowest of calas are accessible a rib is the perfect option for a day of fun on the water when time is short and you are looking for an affordable option to rent. Get everyone in place, open the throttle and get ready for some wave jumping adrenalin action.

What do I need to know to rent a boat with Navisyo?


Do I need a licence to rent a yacht?

A licence is not required to rent a boat as we are able to supply a Captain or the experienced owner who will take care of everything, leaving you to relax and enjoy your time aboard. However, should you wish to take out a bareboat charter then we will require the appropriate licences and paperwork which we would be more than happy to advise you on.

If you are interested in getting involved or have caught the bug aboard one of our boats then there are several boating safety courses and also licence courses available around the world. Anything from Competent Crew, through Day Skipper to Yachtmaster, we can point you in the right direction.

Can I anchor anywhere I want?

Whilst your Captain will know the best spots it’s important to understand the local rules, as whilst you may have found what you believe to be the perfect anchorage, it is not always possible to drop anchor due to the precious marine life and the protected Posidonia grass or if it is a national park. So if there are no mooring buoys available and your Captain advises that you need to find a different spot, there will always be a good reason behind it.

Responsibility – leave only footprints

As we all know, our marine environments are under a lot of pressure, so here at Navisyo we implore all of our wonderful clientele to leave nothing behind, only footprints and memories. Please be aware of plastic in the ocean and the damage it can do. As a lover of the sea, we know you will also believe as we do. And if you are on one of our staycations in the marina, please be aware of the boats around you, many of which are people’s homes and treat them as you would your own. Thank you!

So how do I charter a boat with Navisyo?

Here at Navisyo we are hoping to offer something that no-one else can: a wonderful stay on an incredible boat, but at a truly affordable price. To rent a boat with us we have several different options.


Experience unique onboard accommodation (entire boat or cabin) with or without the boat owners on board.


Share an authentic journey, from point A to point B, with our passionate boat owners. Additionally, daytime experiences on the water are available.


Book a space on a boat, to celebrate private or corporate events, as a fun alternative to standard venues.

Why rent a boat through Navisyo?


What makes us stand out from the crowd is that we are passionate about trust. As a Peer-to-Peer network it is imperative that each side trusts the other. That is why each and every one of our boats holds the correct licence needed in order to be able to charter a boat. They have all been visited and all accommodation and offers have been verified by our on-site onboarding team at each location. Therefore, you can be safe in the knowledge that what you book is what you get.

No hidden extras

Unlike a lot of airlines these days, with Navisyo the price you see is the price you pay. There’s no getting to check out and finding a raft of add-ons that you thought were included. We want to be known for our transparency, quality, honesty and affordability, and have you staying with us time and again.

So to rent a boat or ‘alquiler de barcos’ as they say in Spain, and turn your dream into a reality, click here and let us find the perfect boat and owner from our extensive online marketplace. Get ready to have the adventure of a lifetime when you rent a boat with Navisyo.

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