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Jet Ski Rentals 101: Boating and Aquatic Fun

Jet ski rentals

Over the years Jet ski rentals have become increasingly popular. In fact, between 2017 and 2021 the global jet skiing equipment market alone has grown by 12.12%. As more and more jet ski models are developed and more jet ski rental places pop up, water lovers everywhere are signing up for a high adrenaline aquatic adventure and a great time. Since jet ski rentals have become such an attractive experience you may even see that boat rentals and yacht charters have an included jet ski rental as part of their service. In this post we want to share helpful information for making a great selection. 

What is a Jet Ski?

Jet skis are a type of personal watercraft powered by a jet engine. Think of a jet ski as an aquatic motorcycle. Unlike a typical small boat, this individual sized machine can reach high speeds and is commonly used for recreational purposes.

What is a Jet Ski Used For?

 Even though a jet ski is mainly rented at a lake or beach as a popular recreational experience, it can also be used as a tool for medical services in the ocean and offshore emergencies. Due to its high speed, a jet ski is also a helpful vehicle for lifeguards to utilize in case of an emergency. A water rescue team can also be made up of a boat and several jet ski rescuers that are able to quickly get to different parts of a lake or ocean before disaster strikes. In fact, in certain cities of Florida such as Boca Ranton, FL some police patrols, assigned to the beach and water areas, ride a police jet ski.

Vacation jet ski rentals near me

Jet Ski Rentals

Due to its popularity, a jet ski rental is a very common business in most waterfront spaces, from the gulf of Mexico to lake Washington. 

Most jet skis are commonly used as a fun thrill ride on the water. You can usually try these adrenaline rides through rentals or boat companies that offers personal watercraft rental services to their customers. 

Some peer to peer boat rentals include jet skis as a fun attraction add-on while PWC rentals mostly focus on these types of personal watercrafts and not larger vessels. In wide tourist beaches and larger lake areas, jet skis are also part of tours and transportation to get to sightseeing locations across water. Jet ski tours may include snorkeling and other similar activities. 

How Much are Jet Ski Rentals?

“How much is jet skiing?” Is another frequently asked question and there is no specific answer to this, it greatly depends on the location, services you acquire and other similar factors. Different rental places have different rates and in some locations the price is around $40-$100 dollars at an hourly rate or a daily rate of around $400 USD. In FL Depending on the time of year and season, there are different offers and discounts on jet ski rentals as well as other thrill filled water experiences.

Planning a day outing by the lake with family and friends? Don’t just reminisce on the good times, actually create some new memories! If you have a large group you may be able to save money when acquiring your rentals.

Contact the nearby ski rental places to ask if they have offers or group discounts. Make sure you learn about any restrictions and take safe precautions if you have a group of young adults or children in your group.

If you have a long term stay you can also ask some local customers how much to rent a jet ski for a week in that area and do some price shopping and bargaining. If you are visiting FL and are looking for jet ski tours and jet ski rentals, visit: the Viator website to view pricing, choose the best option for you and schedule your rentals.

Where to rent a jet ski

Where to Rent a Jet Ski Near Me

If you are wondering, “where can I rent a jet ski near me?” you may want to first consider what type of experience you would like to have. If you are looking for jet ski tours, you may want to look up some tour places near the shore. If you want to rent a boat that also includes jet rentals then you may want to look for large boat or yacht rental places.

When you have found a place you like, ask if they have any discounts if you bring more friends. Most places make it easy for you to invite friends and family to rent more jet skis and even facilitate a team experience.

Some of the top jet ski locations can be found in California (CA) and Florida (FL). If you are staying at a hotel by the beach or near a lake, most of the hotels offer their own preferred rental places for PWC. Again, you can always research ahead of time and ask locals for their preferred spots. 

Types of Jet Skis: Where to Rent Jet Ski Near Me

Something to consider when looking for a jet skiing rental option, is the type of vehicle that you are operating. Jet skis can come in a range of styles and sizes and similar to motorcycles are often identified by the brand or model name. In fact, the name “Jet Ski” itself was popularized by the brand Kawasaki and it is basically an iconic name for this type of personal watercraft vehicle.

 Another very popular model is the Yamaha Waverunner. The uniqueness in it and what makes this vehicle stand out is the fact that a strong spur of water is shot out from the back of the vehicle, impulsing the vehicle to shoot up into the air. Lastly, you may have heard of the Sea Doo which is one of the most inexpensive of these watercrafts. It does not have as much of a sporty performance style, or control efficiency, but is on the more affordable end of the scale.

Runner rentals: Where to rent waverunners near me?

Some rental locations refer to waverunner jet skis as runners and some places specialize in these types of rentals. You will know by their emphasis on the name and are commonly located in waterfront areas such as Lake Tahoe, Lake Michigan and Many Miami, FL locations.

Since waverunners are used for higher thrill experiences and shoot up in the air there may also be more strict safety requirements and health inquiries. This also means that you will most likely not see them being rented out  in tourist spaces and not as often in quiet lakeshore residential areas. Waverunners are in high demand by more experienced watercraft drivers, so you may be given an introduction to how  to operate a wave runner, but if you want to refresh your memory or try it for the first, be sure to ask and make all your doubts known. 

Jet ski rentals near me

Where Can I Rent a Seadoo Near Me

Sea doo rentals are usually lower priced and not as common as waverunners or jet skis so they will not be as widely advertised. However, most places with boat or water vehicle rentals may have one or two to offer, especially on a day where most of the other water vehicles have been rented out. 

As previously mentioned two of the top states for watercraft sports and rentals are Florida and California. In Miami Beach, FL there is a wide range of rental options. 

If you are specifically looking for a Sea doo in NewPort Beach, CA check this website, since they are the only ones that seem to offer Seadoo rentals in that area.

Regardless of the model you rent, or where, be sure to bring with you identification as most states require that you be at least 18 years old to rent water vehicles. 

Where to Jet Ski in Florida (FL)

If you are ready for a great adventure in the water and are in Florida, it will be quite easy for you to jump aboard loads of fun. The most common boat and watercraft vehicle rental spots are around the Miami area but there are many in other areas from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa, and they all offer different sorts of personal watercraft rentals.

Travel tip: Although the weather is usually wonderful in Florida, If you are coming in from out of state check a day ahead of time for the tide reports and weather conditions before confirming your rental.

What are some of the requirements for jet ski rentals in FL?

In Florida if you are under the age of 14 you are not able to operate a personal watercraft and by law jet ski rentals are not available to anyone under 18 years of age. 

For jet ski rentals you may also be asked to leave a credit card on file in the event of damage to the watercraft. Keep in mind that the state of FL also requires you to have a jet ski drivers license to operate one. 

If you would like more information on personal watercrafts or legal requirements for jet ski rentals and boating safety, in FL, you can contact the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles department.

Can you rent jet skis when you rent a boat?

In some cases, you are able to get a jet ski tour included with a boating trip package when you rent directly from friendly boat owners. Some boat rental places and yacht rentals can also provide jet ski rentals as well as other personal watercraft services. You can also find places that specialize in pontoon boat and jet ski rentals. 

Jet ski rentals in Europe

Rent a Ski Jet in Europe

If you love to ride waves on vessels and find yourself on vacation in Europe, there are tons of great places with beautiful seashores and motorized aquatic vehicles ready for your enjoyment.

 Websites like are great resources to help you find a boat rented out directly by the boat owner. You can also contact them directly for boat rental packages that come complete with a jet ski rental ready for you to enjoy.

 Additional Boating and Personal Watercraft Safety Rental Tips

No matter where you go, whether the beach or the lake, be sure you can enjoy the experience while keeping safety as a priority. 

When it comes to renting any type of PWC, quality is important. The quality of your personal watercraft can affect your safety, which is why we suggest that you get familiar with the rental services and the level of service safety that they offer. Take precautions and exercise your rights to reject a water vehicle that is being assigned to you, if you feel it cannot operate under proper safety norms.

 Not all services provide the same level of safety and variety of personal watercraft. Whether you are renting a jet ski or looking for a wave runner rental, make sure that the watercraft you rent is well maintained and is functioning properly. Any wear and tear should be minimal and not affect the comfort or operation of the vessel. To learn more about safety and your boating rights (pun intended), Visit this link to contact the U.S. Coast Guard Boating site. 

Safe and Fun International Boat Rentals With Navisyo

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