Deep sea fishing trip

A Deep Sea Fishing Adventure For All

What is Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep-sea fishing is exactly that, venturing out into the deep sea (open ocean) and fishing. It can be done for recreational purposes or commercial objectives. However, commercial deep-sea fishing is usually done farther into the open ocean with completely different equipment and ships. In this article, we will cover some of the details and commonly asked questions about deep-sea fishing so you can start planning a fun adventure for yourself or with family and friends. 

   What to know about deep sea fishing?

Deep sea fishing can be a lot of fun, however, like with any new adventure it is important to consider the outcome you want, and who you will be enjoying it with, to be better prepared. The general care and precautions are the same. However, there are some important things to consider based on whether you want to experience it as a sport, a fun day trip with friends or a family outing. For example, if you want to try out deep sea fishing as a sport you need to ensure that you understand the equipment, requirements, techniques, types of fish etc. If on the other hand, you just want a fun fishing trip with friends you can find some great fishing charters and rent a fishing kit for the day so you can have a blast out in the open ocean while fishing with friends. Deep sea fishing can also be an interesting and novel way to spend a day out in the open sea with family. In this case it is important to consider any increased risk that this could mean for your family such as kids and their ability to engage in the activity,  pregnant women being aboard and their comfort level with prolonged times out in the ocean. 

How deep is deep sea fishing?

In many cases, fishing completed in depths of over 30 meters (or 100ft) can be considered deep sea fishing. This means that fishing charters usually need to travel around 15 or 20 miles out into the ocean to reach such depth. While going farther into the open ocean is common for commercial fishing, recreational fishing standards consider this type of depth into the ocean, “deep sea fishing.” 

How much does it cost to go deep sea fishing?

       “How much is deep sea fishing?”, this common question has a very variable answer. It depend greatly on how extravagant or budget-friendly you want to make it. Again, we pose the question of the purpose of the trip, and who you will be enjoying it with. If you are going to be looking into deep sea fishing as a sport, you need to factor in the cost of high quality rods and equipment, all costs that end up adding up in around $500 USD for a mid-range basic fishing tools. Additionally to this you want to consider the location of where you will be going deep sea fishing, Florida is a common destination.  You can find both private charters and all-inclusive fishing charters in several deep sea fishing destin fl.

The prices will range and vary by destination and amenities. If for example you want to have a deep sea fishing trip out in Mexico you need to calculate either airplane fare or private aviation costs plus group fishing charters that can range from $600 to around $2,000 for a group of 4. Some include food and equipment while others just include a 4hr trip out into the open ocean and you need to bring your own equipment. In general, allot anywhere around $1,000- $1.500 for a family of four, if you are looking to complete about 4-6 hrs of deep sea fishing Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key west or other Florida destinations. Keep in mind that the price is just for the deep sea fishing itself and not transportation to get to the port or additional meals etc.

How to prepare for deep sea fishing?

As we already mentioned, preparation depends on the purpose of your fishing trip. In general there are three things you want to check and prepare for, the where, the when and the what. 

Deep Sea Fishing Near Me

  • The Where. Where you are going to go deep sea fishing matters. You may be going deep sea fishing in an ocean near you or you may find you want a far away adventure. Weather conditions and other preparations can be affected by the place where you are going. In fact, if you live away from the ocean you may opt to go all-out for this experience and hire an air charter that is also connected to a fishing charter company to create a full experience including flying private to the boating destination. Checking weather conditions is also important because it will allow you to make the wisest decision in regards to whether it is safe to be out in the open sea in that location or plan ahead for such conditions.
  • The “When.”  The season of the year can also play a role in the species you will find out in the ocean, as well as availability and other possible experiences. Some species of fish appear more during certain seasons, the tide may also be different in different seasons as well as the weather depending on the location. There are both pros and cons to most seasons so do your research of the specific location you plan to visit. 
  • The “What.” This is another important factor, the things you bring aboard and even what you wear can also play a role in how much you enjoy the time you spend fishing. We will discuss each of these further in this article. Nevertheless, it’s important to mention that mindset is also key. Be mentally prepared to face any type of weather change and do not get hung up about the details, rather try to enjoy the moment and get away from land to be in a completely different setting surrounded by water.

  Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing for Deep Sea Fishing

The expectations you have of your deep sea fishing trip should match the company and companionship you select and  this will influence how you will prepare. If you want to spend a nice quiet evening fishing peacefully, then get a boat charter for yourself, but if you want to teach your kids about the ocean and have fun fishing and looking at different sea species up close then by all means bring your family on board. 

 If you are deep sea fishing as a sport make sure that all your gear and equipment is fully functioning and in top-shape. If you are planning this deep sea fishing with friends, ensure you each have full awareness of the time you will be out at sea. Bring appropriate clothing as well as some snacks and drinks to share. If you are planning a family deep sea fishing trip then you want to take additional precautions and pack additional entertainment for kids and lots of adequate snacks. On that note, remember that deep sea fishing means that you will likely be out sailing on the ocean for several hours which is definitely something to consider with little ones. 

“How to prevent sea sickness when deep sea fishing?” is a question that should be addressed as part of the preparations for your deep sea fishing trip. Motion sickness may play a role if you are not used to being out in the water for long periods of time, surrounded by it. Prevent seasickness by being prepared and avoid anything that might be upsetting to your stomach, before or during your time on board. 

How to avoid sea sickness while deep sea fishing:

  1. Rest well before your trip. Rest is always important, however research proves that lack of sleep can make can cause a tendency to get seasick or experiencing motion sickness while on a boat. Ensure you are getting a good night’s rest previous to your trip to wake up ready and refreshed.
  2. Avoid foods that upset your stomach. Excessively sugary snacks, greasy foods, spicy or acid treats are all more likely to upset your stomach and trigger a nauseous response. This, paired with the movement of a boat or water can create or worsen motion sickness. As an additional tip, be sure to bring simple snacks with you like bland crackers and apples. 
  3. Avoid Alcohol. If you are prone to motion sickness, avoid alcohol and instead have ginger ale at hand. Ginger ale has been known to aid with motion sickness.  Make sure you bring electrolytes with you in case of vomiting and have plenty of water and liquids along, but do not drink water excessively as this too could trigger bloating and nausea.
  4. Take motion sickness prevention pills with you. Antiemetic drugs like dramamine are over-the counter medication that can aid in preventing motion sickness. However, it is important that you first consult with your doctor and ask what would be the best option for you.
  5. Additional precautions. Pregnant women, children and those who usually experience migraines face an increased risk of getting seasick. If  you have experienced motion sickness in the past, you know it’s a nasty feeling and it can lead to nausea and vomiting. Chewing on peppermint gum or peppermint leaves has also shown to reduce the effects when getting seasick.
Can you go deep sea fishing while pregnant?

In many cases women are able to go deep sea fishing while pregnant, however, it is important to first consult with your healthcare provider. Not all weather conditions are the most comfortable and some destinations and charters have their own rules regarding this so be sure to check that beforehand. Many fishing charters consider the labor and delivery date to avoid allowing pregnant passengers on board too close to the delivery date, since being so far out sea can make it difficult to get back to shore for the appropriate medical attention.


   What to bring for deep sea fishing? 

Preparing for a deep sea fishing trip means packing and thinking ahead to make sure that you have what you need. The basics include: your fishing equipment, wallet and identification, an emergency kit that includes seasick prevention items mentioned previously, sunscreen, snacks and/or food, water and electrolytes, additional entertainment such as board games and books, and the right clothes. The following paragraphs provide more details on equipment and clothing that are appropriate for deep sea fishing.

1. Equipment: What is a good deep sea fishing rod and reel?

Deep sea fishing requires more resistant heavy duty equipment since the current, waves and conditions are different from those of fishing in a pond or lake. Fishing rods should be short and strong around 5-8 ft long for 50-80 # line. A lightweight yet sturdy blank and lever drag with a low corrosion rate are ideal since deep sea fishing usually means long fishing times. The Penn Squall Lever drag is ergonomic and made from graphite which gives it a high corrosion resistance rate and strength while still being lightweight enough, even for some light tackle fishing. Make sure that you keep the ball bearings in the fishing reel clean and well maintained for the best ease of motion. You can also get a good rod and reel combo, so look out for deals in your favorite fishing store or online. Another thing you may also want to look into are some level wind reels. This article explains a bit further some of the pros and cons of a level wind reel. 

 Light tackle is a common fishing term, defined by some as a technique, while others consider it a whole strategy involving special equipment and ability. However, according to Coastal Angler Magazine: “There is no clear cut definition of what constitutes light tackle nor is there a universal description. Light tackle fishing is a carefully thought-out approach that centers around your own ability as an angler, the species you seek, and the conditions under which you must fish.” You can read more about light tackle fishing in this post

The type of equipment you take with you deep fishing may be part of a fishing kit you purchased, or in some rare cases, provided by the fishing charter. In most cases you will have to bring your own equipment. Taking some time to research and find the right type of high quality materials for your fishing journey will make you feel better prepared. 

2.  What to wear deep sea fishing?

When planning a fishing trip consider the fact that solar protection is always a priority. Hats and UV protective clothing are a must. Also, take into consideration that being in the middle of the open ocean the weather can change and be quite unreliable so layers are ideal. A light t-shirt under a breathable long sleeve shirt, with a pair of shorts underneath some light pants is also an option. It is always best to be over-prepared with a light rain coat and additional clothing in your bag just in case you get wet or get cold. Use light color clothes that don’t absorb as much sunlight and fishing gloves to protect your hands. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles and breathable fabric.

Deep Sea Fishing Florida: Deep Sea Fish

Fishing in Florida is quite popular, and there is a large variety of deep sea fish you can find. Florida keys for example are well known for their Mahi Mahi catch around April to September. While in Key West Florida you will most likely find mangrove snapper year round.

Deep Sea Fishing Key West

Key West Florida is one of the most well-known destinations in Florida for deep sea fishing. Whether you are looking to go on a full-day experience, a half day boat charter or just a couple of hours out in the sea fishing, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

A Key West Charter is available for almost any kind of experience. If you are looking to do some fishing in Key West Florida and are not familiar with the area you can look for a charter that will include a guide and fishing expert to help you create the ideal experience. Some charters include tourist guides and meals while others focus on taking you to specific attractions and areas such as reef and wreck destinations. If you are looking for something more competitive Key West sport fishing is also a popular activity. You can be sure to find something for everyone at Key West.

Deep Sea Fishing Miami

Another well-visited area for fishing and water experiences, including deep sea fishing, is Miami Beach. In South Beach Florida you can find different deep sea fishing charter companies that offer an array of fishing and water activities for families or groups. Some Charters such as Miami Beach Fishing Charters have a variety of experiences at affordable prices for both individuals and families. You can look at some of their offers on their website

Deep Sea Fishing With Navisyo Voyages

Whether you are a fishing expert or trying to dip your toes in the water when it comes to fishing, you can enjoy some amazing experiences out in the open ocean. One fun way to experience fishing is to think world-wide when it comes to deep sea fishing experiences.The Greek Islands and Spanish Oceans can provide some of the most amazing boating and fishing experiences. Rent a fishing boat or yacht for as long as you need. Whether for an overnight stay or a few hours to fish out in the open sea, you can experience a wonderful adventure along with a local guide that can show you the intimate secrets of the ocean. Learn more about our open-sea voyages at Navisyo.

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